Throughout University, Blaire, Jamie and Skye were best friends. Now years later Blaire has a new life - wife to an investment banker, executive assistant to an oil tycoon - while Jamie and Skye live in the same house the three inhabited throughout school, one a freelance journalist the other a PHD candidate. Though all would like nothing better than to fall back into their old loving ways, tensions run high as Blaire enters revealing the newest addition to her life: breast implants.

Fall into the world of three best friends where the mundane is as important as the immense, where tragedy can become comedy, and where no topic is off limits.

By Sarah Illiatovitch Goldman with contributions by Jill Harper, Sarah Naomi Campbell, Suzette McCanny and Hallie Burt Direction by: Jill Harper Starring: Sarah Naomi Campbell, Suzette McCanny and Hallie Burt Lighting Design by: Simon Rossiter Sound Design by: Tim Lindsay Set Design by: Christine Groom Stage Management by: Beth Beardsley

Now Extended Until April 23rd @ Tarragon Theatre Workspace – 30 Bridgman Ave, Toronto

3 Additional dates to choose from! April 21st, 22nd, and 23rd all @8pm

Tickets: $23-$37 available online at, by phone (416) 531-1827 or in person at Tarragon Theatre (30 Bridgman Ave)

What critics are saying

"We Three is of the most important shows in Toronto right now" - Mooney On Theatre

"The writing is smart, edgy, real and very funny – the performances are strong and beautifully nuanced"- Life with more cowbell

What Audiences Are Saying:

“The best works of art are the ones where you see yourself and the people you know blended into a phrase or a gesture and it makes you pause and reflect and say "yes, exactly." - as if you were having an unspoken conversation with the work itself. We Three does that in a way that is so effortless that it seems surreal. I dare you to see it and think otherwise.”
“I cannot highly enough recommend this production. A funny, sad, and painfully real slice of life story.”
“I was lucky enough last night to get to see opening night of [Cue6’s] latest creation, We Three at Tarragon theatre's new upstairs studio space. Seriously, you guys. If you're a millennial, you need to see this play. If you're not a millennial, but have millennials in your life and want to understand them better, you need to see this play. If you just love good, locally created, cleverly written theatre, you need to see this play.”

“Truly worth seeing . The feminist POVs engaged in re rape culture etc will get many a post show debate zinging.” 

“Highly recommended to any of my friends who enjoy fantastic theatre, intelligent discussion and raw performances.”

 “It's a slice of life piece surrounding three late-20s/early-30s women that is simultaneously hilarious and gut-wrenching…It's emotionally charged and there are conflicts, but it's wrapped in a blanket of comfort and love and a long, enduring friendship. It even manages meta-commentary without it seeming forced. I could see aspects of myself in all three of these beautifully rounded, flawed, intelligent, human characters. I laughed out loud, I teared up, and I wanted to hug and eat cake with each and every one of them.”